How To Install Cacti on Slackware

This sections about mini how to install cacti on Slackware (12.0). Isone mung iki, Peace!

All done with simple step :

Packages was installed on my system:
1. Apache/2.2.4 (Unix)
2.PHP 5.2.5 (cli) enables : with-snmp, with-zlib, with-gd, enable-ucd-snmp-hack

1. Extract the cacti distribution tarball on web directory
root@dianseh:# cd /var/www/htdocs/
root@dianseh:# tar zxvf cacti-version.tar.gz
root@dianseh:# mv cacti-version cacti
root@dianseh:# cd cacti

2. Created the user and group
root@dianseh:# groupadd cacti
root@dianseh:# useradd -g cacti cacti

3. Create the MySQL database, import the default database, create username and password for cacti:
root@dianseh:# mysqladmin --user=root -p create cacti
root@dianseh:# mysql cacti GRANT ALL ON cacti.* TO cactiuser@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'yourpassword';
mysql> flush privileges;

4. Edit include/config.php and specify the database type, name, host, user and password for your Cacti configuration.
$database_type = "mysql";
$database_default = "cacti";
$database_hostname = "localhost";
$database_username = "cactiuser";
$database_password = "yourpassword";

5. Change directory permissions
root@dianseh# chown -R cacti:cacti rra/ log/

6. Add a line to your crontab
root@dianseh# su - cacti
cacti@dianseh# crontab -e
*/5 * * * * php /var/www/htdocs/cacti/poller.php > /dev/null 2>&1

cacti@dianseh# exit

7. Try to open full path url http://cactiserver/cacti/

All done with following those step carefully.

Begitu ceritanya, cacti saya sudah dapat berjalan dengan mengikuti langkah-langkah tersebut di atas.

Selamat mencoba, Good Luck

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